Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Puerto Galera, Philippines trip with Tech Asia - June 27-30, 2007

I just got back from 4 days of diving in Puerto Galera. It was my third trip there and I dove with Tech Asia again. Tech Asia is a DIR-minded outfit that is very well set up for technical diving.

The trip to PG starts from Manila and is followed by a 2 hour van ride and a 1 hour boat ride. Getting there is the hardest part as the logistics of the diving there are very straightforward.

Day 1 was 2 dives in the 50m range on 21/35 with 50% and 100% for deco.

Tech Asia now has a Gavin for rent. I started Day 2 with an intro to scooter diving with a tear down and reassembly of the Gavin. We then did one multilevel dive starting out at 30m and scootering up the reef for minimal deco. The second dive of the day was in the 50m range.

Day 3 was 2 more dives in the 50m range with the Gavin.

On Day 4, 5 of us made a day trip to dive the MV Mactan, a passenger ferry that sank in 1973 near the island of Maestro del Campo. We left at 5am for the 4 hour boat ride there. My first dive there was a scooter dive on the exterior. My second dive was a penetration, entering from the engine room and exiting near the props. Vis was excellent and the waters were flat calm, making for a very good day of diving. We then had lunch and traveled back to PG.

Overall, another great trip to PG. Tech Asia is a safe and squared away operation and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to check it out.

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