Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Anyone for a Wreck Penetration Course?

Here is a copy of an e-mail I posted to several groups when I got back from my last trip to Puerto Galera. I'm really interested in taking an advanced wreck penetration course from Sam in PG. Despite being cave trained, I see a lot of value in this class as I believe there are a lot of wreck-specific things to be learned. Anyone interested?

I wanted to gauge interest in doing a wreck penetration course sometime with Tech Asia from Puerto Galera. They teach a 4 day wreck course in Subic Bay in the Philippines where there are numerous warships in 30m or shallower. Instructor is Sam Collett, IANTD instructor, who I can assure you is an excellent diver and experienced in both wreck penetration and instruction.

The course is pretty hardcore with 7 dives and >10 hours of bottom time, most of it inside the wrecks. Therefore, I would prefer GUE Tech or Cave trained buddies. If you are neither but have good buoyancy and skills, that is fine too.

Flights from Singapore to Clark are pretty cheap from Tiger Airways.

The course itself is US$600 for instruction. We will have to cover the costs of Sam traveling from PG to Subic Bay with all the tanks and gear (US$400 to be shared among course participants).

Other costs include accommodations (inexpensive), food (ditto), and gas (nitrox 32% and 100% for deco).

Sam will take a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 students.

I am very interested in this class but am not sure if I will be able to get the time off this year. Otherwise, target is early next year.

Anyone interested? All it takes is a long weekend.


he0001ie said...

Hi I'm wondering did this course happened and how was the course like?

he0001ie said...

Hi, Did this course happened? How is the course with sam like? Understand that as a GUE trained, will there be a procedure difference in the two? Thanks