Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Convert Your Apeks TX/ATX/XTX 40 into a TX/ATX/XTX 50

The only difference between a TX/ATX/XTX 40 and a TX/ATX/XTX 50 is the external adjustment knob that allows you to adjust breathing resistance. Well, one other difference is the price. The ones with the adjustment knob cost a lot more. Some feel that the knob does not justify the extra cost, so they get the 40. I did this for my single tank reg setup, which was cobbled together from a DS4 first stage and 2 TX40 octopi (they have yellow faceplates, otherwise they seem identical to regular TX40 second stages).

Graham Blackmore from Hong Kong has ingeniously decided to manufacture the adjustment knobs as a retrofit to convert your 40 into a 50. You can get them from his website here. I bought 2 of them to fit to my single tank reg setup. Following the instructions on Graham's website was surprisingly easy and it barely took me 5 minutes to retrofit each second stage. Which is a miracle, if you have ever seen my DIY skills.

Does the second stage below look funny to you? If it does, it's because it says TX40 on the faceplate but has an adjustment knob. Truly a work of art.

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