Monday, November 10, 2008


In anticipation of my new DUI 30/30 Explorer suit arriving, I ordered a Xerotherm undergarment from Fourth Element. I got the whole set, which is made up of a top, bottom, vest, and socks. The cost was £115 plus £5 shipping, which I thought was quite reasonable. It arrived about 5 days after I placed the order, which was outstanding. The construction is high quality and it fits great, in part due to its stretchiness. Best of all, it is washable without any degradation of its insulating properties.

I will test it out in Manado in December. Granted, Manado in not really cold. In January I will be diving the Xerotherm and a DUI 200G undergarment in 22 degree water in Perth. I know this isn't really cold either, but my days of diving real cold water are over. Until I find a very compelling reason to do so, I will be diving relatively warm water only.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Stage Leash

I get lots of questions on what a stage leash should look like. The picture above shows one of mine. The clear hose is just garden hose. Low pressure hose works as well and has a smaller inner diameter. The rope is nylon rope. It should be tied such that there is not much free play on the rope, so that it does not spin around.

The stage leash should be tied such that the bottle sits on the edge of your butt, but not hanging into your butt crack (if you know what I mean). If it hangs into your butt crack, it will get in the way of a proper frog kick. If you have a big butt, you may need a longer leash, but there shouldn't be much variation from leash to leash.