Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Love Affair With My Drysuit Continues

Oh, one more thing about my drysuit - zipseals rock! I got zipseals on the wrists as I've seen torn seals ruin a dive and it's a pain to change permanent seals. It took me a few minutes to set up the zipseals for the first time but they were a breeze to use and at no point did I get concerned about their integrity. I intend to keep a spare set of zipseals handy in case of any issues.

Local Dives at Pulau Aur

I spent Easter weekend in Pulau Aur doing some leisurely recreational dives. I took advantage of the benign conditions to test out my new 30/30 drysuit and 12-24 mm wide angle lens. The drysuit was a pleasure to use even in the sunny and humid conditions. The suit really does breathe! And it fits perfectly and is a joy to dive. Gone are my fears of overheating while diving dry in the tropics. There is something to be said for the freedom and ease of diving wet but I think I am slowly being converted.

As a trial run for my wide angle lens, we did a short dive at Diver's Lodge House Reef where Leon, Antia, Dagomir, and Alvin posed for photographs. It was a blast shooting them but surprisingly tiring, as I found that it was easier for the models to stay put and for me to move around them. I was breathless by the end of the dive. Here are some of the highlights (Photoshopped courtesy of Dagomir):