Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manta - Ray of Hope

I recently came across Manta - Ray of Hope. It is a short, well produced documentary highlighting the plight of the manta rays, which have been heavily fished for their gills. The gills are used in "traditional Chinese medicine" and are in high and increasing demand in China and East Asia. Manta ray fishing is less high profile than shark finning but no less destructive and unsustainable. If nothing is done to protect the mantas, their time on this earth may be limited.

Having had the opportunity to dive with and interact with manta rays close up in Bali and Kona, I can say that these experiences were indeed very special and magical. I feel very fortunate to have been able to observe these giant and majestic creatures in their natural habitat, and the memories will stay with me forever.

Please watch the video and help educate the public on this important issue. Only by reducing demand for manta products, will the future of the mantas be secure.

Ocean Sky Diving, You Suck

I have been very keen to play with the Nauticam D7000 housing as I have been seriously considering upgrading to the D7000. Nauticam's local dealer is Ocean Sky Diving. I called them a couple of weeks ago and they told me that the housing would be available today. I called them again today and the lady who answered the phone said that they had them in stock. When I walked in, the lady took me to the camera area and promptly directed me to a D700 housing. D700, not D7000. No shit you have the D700 housing in stock, it was released more than a year ago. And of course, they did not have a D7000 housing in stock. All she could do was shrug her shoulders sheepishly in admission that she got the model numbers mixed up. She didn't even say sorry!

Note to Ocean Sky Diving: if u can't count your zeros and can't tell one camera model from another, maybe you should be in a different business. Is it so much to expect the authorized dealer for Nauticam housings to be familiar with the FREAKING MODEL NUMBER of the housings? Thanks for wasting an hour of my time and I am glad that the walk in the rain was worth it. Customers have options and I sure as hell am not going back to Ocean Sky Diving.