Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Lembeh Video, October 2013

It was ages ago now but here's the awesome video of Alex Mustard's Wetpixel macro workshop that I attended in October 2013.  Lots of great memories, thoughtfully and painstakingly put together.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Diving Pulau Hantu, November 2014

I joined GS-Diving for an afternoon trip to Pulau Hantu this past Sunday.  The boat was the Dolphin Explorer and departed from the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.  We did a 2 dive trip, leaving the dock at 1.30pm and arriving back at 6.30pm.  The boat ride was about 60 min to the dive site, which was the Ghost Wreck, a small wooden wreck in about 10m of water.

Visibility was 2-4m and quite milky.  The wreck, though small, had a lot of interesting life.  The highlight for me was seeing a beautiful orange/brown ceratosoma trilobatum.  We also saw lots of blue dragons (pteraeolidia ianthina), a few large orbicular batfish, a school of large sweetlips, and 2 chromodoris atromarginata.  On our first dive, we also spent a few minutes on the nearby reef, which was ok but not as interesting as the wreck.

Overall, the trip was short and sweet.  Nice boat, short boat rides, and decent macro life.  I'd do it again.

Dog conch ((laevistrombus canarium).  60mm & Subsee +5 diopter, 1/320s, f/25, ISO 100

Ceratosoma trilobatum.  60mm, 1/320s, f/20, ISO 100