Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Beautiful Drysuit

After much drama, my drysuit finally arrived. Gideon measured me during the October GUE Dive Extravaganza and placed the order shortly after that. The idea was to get it in time for my mid-December Manado trip and definitely in time for my New Year's trip to Perth. DUI got my suit made and delivered to HK in time for Manado... then we discovered that they had made me a TLS350 and not the 30/30 that I had ordered. We tried to get them to rush me a new suit in time for Perth, but alas, it was not to be. I borrowed Leon's suit for Perth.

So, my suit finally arrived 3 months after placing the order.

After trimming the seals and trying on the suit today, I must say that DUI and Gideon did an outstanding job. I used to own a TLS350 so I am familiar with these things and know how they are supposed to fit. It fits PERFECTLY. I was afraid the turbosoles might be too small, but they fit PERFECTLY with Xerotherm socks and DUI 400G booties.

And the most amazing thing about it? I put on my Xerotherm undergarment and the suit, and I didn't overheat walking around my apartment. Seems like it really does breathe.

The suit is made to Explorer spec, including the following:
Old style zipper
Swivel inlet valve
Apeks high profile dump valve
Tough duck overlay
Cloverleaf crotch pad
Halcyon balanced p-valve
2 Halcyon explorer pockets
Zipseals on the wrists only

I can't wait to get it wet. The price and the wait was worth it.


Rich Walkland said...


Finally, glad you got it and it fits! Dive Dive Dive!

Ailux said...

I ended up here randomly, but, hey, your suit's SO cool! =D

MarkD60 said...

I love DUI suits. On top of all the good quality, they look like 'Star Trek, The Next Generation' uniforms!