Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Sale

I have the following items for sale. All prices in US$. Other currencies accepted. All prices negotiable. I will mail them anywhere in the world at buyer's expense.

DUI Thermalmax 300G jumpsuit undergarment. DUI stopped making these a little while ago. It is essentially made of the same material as DUI Actionwear (i.e. fleece, not type-B thinsulate) but in the shape of a 400G thinsulate. The outer shell is spray resistant. It has been on about 5 dives and is in like new condition. It is a very warm undergarment. Size S. $125

Ikelite 6" dome port for lenses less than 4.0", item number 5503.50. It has been lightly used on maybe 20 dives. It is in excellent shape with no scratches on the lens. The picture below is a stock picture and not a picture of the actual lens. $125

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Jim said...

Hi Sasdasdaf, I'm based in HK and go to SG from time to time. Taking Fundies in Aug w/ Gideon and Leon. Are you still selling your Halcyon doubles wing?