Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nudibranch Madness

Today's dives were at Dari Laut, Bethlehem, and Sand View. Dari Laut is the steel structure of a floating restaurant that was sunk many years ago. It is home to many tiny and rare nudibranchs. Bethlehem and Sand View are both sandy dives, where we spent our time moving slowly and staring at the muck. I used the 105 mm lens on all the dives. The highlights of today's dives were more nudis, whip shrimp, whip goby, and a very strange nudi threesome. A very nice end to a good week of diving.

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Veronica said...

Wow, i love all the pics here! Each of the pics are so awesome. i wish when I leave comments, I could see the post next to the comment box so I could comment more specifically but my 3am brain is not smart enough to remember details from each photo... :)