Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next Trip

I have made last minute plans to go diving next week. I am spending 3 days at Tech Asia in Puerto Galera and another 3 days at Acacia in Anilao. My time with Tech Asia will be spent doing Tech 1/2 scooter dives to get my tech fix, and my time with Acacia will be mostly muck and reef diving and macro photography. I have been to Tech Asia many times in the past and it will be nice to catch up with Dave and Sam after not having visited in almost 2 years. It will be my first time in Anilao and I have high expectations for the quality of the macro life, after hearing so much about it in articles such as this one. I will be taking my 60 mm and 105 mm macro lenses. Fingers crossed that I will be able to photograph stuff like coleman shrimp, emperor shrimp, nudis, bobbit worms, seahorses, stargazers, etc.

I will report back during/after the trip.

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Victoria said...

Hey T! Completely random question... but I"m here in Singapore for the month. Would you happen to have any Korean restaurant recommendations? In particular, I'm looking for sullung tang, naengmyun, jajangmyun, ahl jigae...
Wait, are you even korean? Haha!