Friday, July 25, 2008

Boracay, Here I Come

Next Wednesday, I am off to Boracay. We are staying here:

Of course, I can't go to the beach without diving. I have been in touch with Blue Mango about doing some diving. I was attracted to their site by this page, which talks about DIR diving. I spoke to Dustin at Blue Mango, who told me that they dive to 50m using 50% and 100% for deco. However, helium can't be found on the island so I guess they use air for backgas.

I'd love to do some tech diving but I'm not doing deep air. Instead, I am sticking strictly to recreational depths. In fact, I am bringing only my single tank reg set, wetsuit and other personal items as they rent backplates and wings.

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Homeless Diver said...

Actually, they do pretty well in the tecrec courses and Dustin is just about the safest dive instructor I've run across out here. I need to get off my own rump and get those courses done myself.

Either way, he'll certainly take care of ya when you arrive.