Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How to Attach Boltsnaps to Your Light

The current GUE thinking is to have a small boltsnap tied permanently to the right side of the Goodman Handle and a small loop of bungee tied to the end of the ballast. When your light is off (maybe at the beginning of the dive or the very end, or if you had a light failure), you can clip it by the permanent boltsnap and it will be tight to your body and not dragging. When you do this, you tuck the loose light cord under your belt and to your right side. Other times, when you want to leave the light on and free up your hands, you attach a double ender to the loop of bungee, clip it to your right chest d-ring, and leave the light hanging, facing down. This way, the light is still on, you can still operate it if needed, and it is out of your way and not blinding your buddy. Some instances when this might be helpful are when doing a stage/deco switch, dropping a stage/deco bottle, or anytime both hands are needed to do something.

Here's a primer on how to attach a snap, or more generally, how to tie something using cave line. It was written by Todd Leonard from the WKPP.

You can see from the pictures that the loop of bungee is tied on using cave line. I wrapped the cave line around 3 times and tied it really tight, so the loop of bungee doesn't move around. The newer Halcyon lights have a groove specially made for tying on the loop of bungee.

By the way, notice the loop of inner tube on the ballast in the picture on the left? That's to temporarily store cookies or line arrows while cave diving.

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